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What is PLOCHER?

PLOCHER is a company that focuses on integrated ecological agriculture, animal husbandry and revitalization of water without the use of chemicals and related additives.

How does it work?

PLOCHER products are cutting edge technology, using the Roland Plocher integral-technik. Simply put it works by copying natural information impulses onto carrier material that "order" the soil, water, etc, to harmonize and elevate itself into its optimized state.

Since when does PLOCHER exist?              

PLOCHER is now a success for over 35 years. With growing experiance and development we have reach a new standard unequaled.

What is plocher liquid humus?

Slurry treated with PLOCHER differs so much from conventional slurry we had to give it a new name: liquid humus. The liquid humus state of slurry is aerob, so it doesnt smell, does not rot and therefore improves the soil life and its humus.

What is plocher humus soil?

Humus soil is a product that helps building and maintaining a richer humus layer, helping and improving the soil. At DLG 2016, DLG measured that plocher humus soil improved the humus contained the in the soil by 40%, in only half a year!

Where can PLOCHER be used?

PLOCHER products can be used in various sectors, however we are specialised in areas with living biology: Soil, water, animals, humans, plants. However as development is moving ahead more and more sectors are accessed.