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The PLOCHER Company

We are a German company founded in 1992 by Roland Plocher.

Our main office with production facilities is situated in Meersburg at the Lake Constance. 

Our products are sold worldwide; notably in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Latvia, Greece, Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Thailand, China and other countries.

The ROLAND PLOCHER® integral-technik

The ROLAND PLOCHER® integral-technik was developed by Roland Plocher in 1980. Twelve years of intensive research followed as well as further development of products for water remediation and establishing of economical and ecological systems in farming.

Areas of Application

The ROLAND PLOCHER® integral-technik activates specific catalytic processes within a broad spectrum of application:

  • economical-ecological farming
  • water remediation
  • conditioning water for human consumption
  • decontamination of water and soil
  • application in industrial processes
  • treatment of sewage and process water

Green Technology made in Germany

The unique ROLAND PLOCHER integral-technik is based on non-magnetic transfer of information. The information initiates catalytic actions in the recipient.

Example: the informational matrix of oxygen may be transferred to quartz powder which, when applied to e.g. waste water, will catalytically stimulate aerobic bacterial activity.