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The Application of PLOCHER Products - Economical and Ecological

for Agriculture, Household, Water, Horses and more

Implementation of the “PLOCHER Integrated Solution for Economical and Ecological Agriculture” would include:

  • High quality agricultural food production for national provision of basic supplies (cultivation of land and animal farming)
  • Agricultural and horticultural production of high quality products
  • Program to increase humus/fertility of the soil

Basic Approach:

  • The PLOCHER products optimize the milieu instead of fighting symptoms
  • By supporting the natural agricultural cycles superior produce is obtained at reduced expenses

Although each of the agricultural PLOCHER Products can be applied on its own, for instance to improve slurry or manure, the effect is considerably improved when used in combination.

This can be likened to a system (farm) where all parts form an interdependent eco-system which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The holistic approach - like in Nature - to farming brings about the best results.

Restoring and Recycling Water

The PLOCHER integral technique provides cost-efficient approaches for dealing with:

  • Surface water: remediation of lakes and water bodies
  • Ground water: purification and decontamination of wells and drilled wells (e.g. from arsenic poisoning)
  • Waste water: sewage treatment units (decentralized smaller units, but also central sewage plants).
  • Faeces management (sanitary installations and recycling by aerobic composting)